Which Shall Follow

JG Lewis Poem Kubili

What piece of your path
did you rent out today?
Or was it taken from you

as it has been, year into
year, by decree, by command,
through instructions issued,
restrictive regulations dictated
by this generation of fat
old white bastards.

As with those before
or them which shall follow.

Immune to everything
save the filthy power of the buck;
corruption the ultimate intoxicate.

Hormonal need for greed.

What will you give up
to be accepted, albeit temporarily?

What will you give away?

What will you never take back,
or how will it be passed along
to the next in line?
How can you deliver when
you have run out of time?

Old and obvious lay in wait.

This path is no longer yours.


© 2018 j.g. lewis

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