The Lady with the Demure Green Eyes

David Thorpe Poem Kubili

A stress filled yet successful
interview withstood,
hunger I had, and
an urge to treat myself
to a well-earned dinner

Perhaps serendipity, yet
the inclination teasing,
the restaurant of French cuisine,
in its favour, swayed positively
my indecision

A Montmartre flair, charmed
with cashmere softness,
the chansons of Greco and Brel,
soothing tenseness to relaxation
and savoir-vivre

A menu demanding more
than my tourist French; the lady
with the demure green eyes,
augmenting her allure, her
curiosity escaped from beneath
the brim of her bizarre hat,

With her modalities of intuition,
she sensed my predicament;
for her no hurdle to assist,
nor to accept my invitation
to wine and dine
till closing time

The lambency of morning
sketched her silhouette
and I smiled.

The bill, we have still,
our souvenir

David Thorpe ©® 2018

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