The Delicate Coral Necklace

David Thorpe Poem Kubili

She again felt the preciousness
before replacing with utmost care
into its velvet lined casket,
the delicate coral necklace,
a hundred year family heirloom
of sentimental and incalculable value,
unique in colour and beauty

Her great-great grandmother
in the 1960`s, so the family saga,
had received the necklace as a gift,
from a wealthy Mexican admirer,
during her archaeological time,
at some Maya ruins in Yucatan,
the name no one could remember

Passed down from generation
to generation, it became a survivor
of global disasters;
the devastating drought,
the waged war for water,
intoxication of oceans,
eradication of coral reefs,
legacies of the inherent and fateful
human pursuit of destructive avarice


David Thorpe ©® 2018

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