The Harvest

David Thorpe Poem Kubili

Winds of change creep slowly and with caution, not to arouse suspicion of those with avarice accounts from corruption and puissance, yet the game of hide and seek of the…

The Dream

Joy R. Wilson Parrish Poem Kubili

Silent footfalls gliding antiseptic hallways, a shadow dances upon the empty sill, a sweeping minute hand counts seconds Years long gone drift to the floor. Inhale deeply the fading essence…

PK – Flush & Inhale

Poem Kubili Flush & Inhale

Poems for Poem Kubili;   Joy R. Wilson Parrish David Thorpe J.G. Lewis Alex Maxwell

The Crowd

Alex Maxwell Poem Kubili

I see the undressed crowd their paradigm confusion unable to grasp knotted souls and I recognise within them my solitude, my dreams past and the folded future blind to it…

All Too Well

JG Lewis Poem Kubili

The shifting landscape within our grasp, shoe-shine paradigm of yours and mine, has got to change. Little by little by little by little spoken truth used, raped, abused. Time heals…

At the Hearth

Joy R. Wilson Parrish Poem Kubili

Life: messy and divergent, an off- key clanging of bells. Rough fingers left imprints on my ability to see, my world was seen through smudged lenses, perpetually askew and viewed…

The House

David Thorpe Poem Kubili

The storm broke the stillness, winds reaped vengeance, doors and beams creaked like bones of old age Clouds burst their banks, rain poured down chimney stacks and pelted naked window…