May Surprise

Alex Maxwell Poem Kubili

The month of May is long awaited

dormant windows inhale great gulps of colourful landscape
doors ajar invite vibrant chorus song
everything suddenly,


the arrival of a lost friend, laden with gifts
whose knock forever expecting
yet arrives unannounced,
surprise swells the heart in happiness.

The welcome jewel morning dances
a delight of the emotions rising
the long gloom shadows shrink
nature’s treasure entices inspection
hibernate paths gently glide
reinvigorate every step of curious eyes
flicking away the fast months of gloom

Gentle rivers flush as mirrors
trickle flirtatious steps of admiration
bursting seams of rebirth,
reveal ripples of forgiveness
dispersing the minds attachment
to unfaithful memories of insular nights.

Swords replaced by garden forks
salad now adorns clear plates,
where tarnished stewed pots once
and the world, again feels right.


Alex Maxwell
© ® 2018

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